In over 70 years we’ve given a voice
to generations of women by
revolutionizing the streetwear’s rules.

SINCE 1947

Fornarina was born in 1947 in Civitanova Marche from an intuition: combine the italian know-how in matter of footwear, the experimentation of new materials and the audacity of an innovative design.

Between the 50s and 60s, the brand imposed itself on the market and in the imagination with ground-breaking models intended for a young target.

The best-selling shoe of the period? The clog: the classic wooden clog of mums and grandmas becomes the must-have heeled shoe that every girl wants in the wardrobe.


If the 80s are marked by the beginning of the brand's adventure in the Asian market, the 90s record the real turning point at Fornarina thanks to disruptive collections and the pioneering investment in communication.

Precisely in these years Fornarina launches Up! a real revolution in the fashion scene: it’s the first sneaker designed specifically for the female market.

Up! it is the emblem of the brand's transversality: it’s perfect for any occasion and brings generations of women to agreement.


The neon fuchsia crown is everywhere, Fornarina continues to translate the desire to communicate their identity to young people into a must-have: alongside the Up! the other undisputed emblem of the brand is denim, declined in every wash and process.

In 2009 the brand landed on TV: the first TV commercial featured an icon of the 2000s, the "mean girl" Lindsay Lohan, the face of unforgettable Fornarina campaigns.


The Fornarina philosophy has remained the same since its foundation: to fulfill the wishes of generations of women and to establish the brand with audacity and eclecticism on the international fashion scene.

The new Fornarina era starts from the dawn of the brand, from the heart of the project, from that intuition of more than seventy years ago.

The new Fornarina era starts from shoes with a new goal: place the crown at the head of inclusiveness.

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