Autumn Winter 2023/2024

A contemporary and urban scenario in balance between pop and minimal vibes where the goal is to keep up and be recognized.
High-top, platform or running inspiration: the right shoe for a world that runs fast and constantly evolves is the sneaker, in all its declensions.

To whiz through traffic, look up at the skyscrapers, always dream big and be ready at any moment to run, run, run. And not just on the streets but fantasize towards new destinations.

Daring, having fun, playing, getting out of the box: in a world where fashion, inspiration and identity no longer have rules, sneakers are the 24-hour accessory that lights up and adapts chameleonic to every look.

Beyond the buildings, with the mind up above the clouds with Cloud.
Defying the space-time laws in the company of Urraca.
To illuminate the metropolitan colors with the nuances of Manila.

A collection that contrasts the dullness of the cold season with electrifying vibes and flashy lines and colors to remind the world that the Fornarina squad never hibernates.

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