Spring Summer 2023

Blinding flashes, neon colors and spotlights. The watchword of the SS 23 Fornarina? Dazzle with electric and electrifying contrasts.

Acid shades mix with pastel touches and are lit up with iridescent and metallic accents at any time of the day in a location where the echo of the sea and the wind resounds: Marco Holm's Millenium Technology Center, the largest Italian sail loft which for over 40 years ensures the boats the best route.

Urban sneakers are transformed into bold sandals with combat soles on summer days and give way to day-to-night mules and vertiginous party wedges.

Whimsical, daring, romantic, dynamic and seductive. An eclectic and colorful collection that represents every proud and independent woman and matches perfectly with every mood and occasion.

A collection that brings together the playful and carefree summer vibes and shouts to the world in neon colors the desire to express the own identity with irony, glam and lightness.

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