Introducing Fornarina Yuki - the Party

Big success for Yuki, the Fornarina newborn Japanese-inspired icon shoes, showed on preview on this Sunday night at the Introducing Party at Nhow location in Milan.
A sneak peek on the new fw 14/15 shoes collection, now presented at Micam, International Footwear Exhibition.

Hero product of new Fornarina collections, the flatform sandal Yuki, with high jagged sole, is openly inspired by the traditional Japanese Geta clogs, revisited with a modern twist in the strong Pretty-Ugly fashion trend.
Dj set, atmospheric lighting, but also Wasabi, Sushi and Sashimi for the most gourmand guests.

All eyes for the amazing models as ambassadresses wearing black dress, Tabi socks and Yuki in pop colors.
A delicious ingredients mix for a memorable party.

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